4 tips for dry skin

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

4 tips for dry skin, vegan products
For the majority of my life, I have suffered from dry skin primarily during the winter. When I say "suffer", I mean that my hands crack and bleed, my legs get scaly and chalky, and my lips get super chapped. One would think that due to this skin discomfort for the majority of the year, I would take steps to alleviate/help eliminate these issues. But, my hatred of oily, slimy skin outweighs the dryness and so it has been very challenging to get into the habit of moisturizing on a daily basis. Somehow in my mind band-aids on the hands > properly moisturizing my skin.

However, within the last year, my outlook has completely changed and I have become the moisturizing queen. I have adopted several habits. which, in turn, have made keeping my skin smooth and hydrated second nature. In case you are having a difficult time making time for properly moisturizing your skin, especially during these cold, dry months, I have shared with you my tips below. 

1. Find products that work with your skin | One of the main reasons I was deterred from moisturizing my legs on a daily basis was the inevitably oiliness that went along with it. And no one likes putting their cold, slimy legs into pants. The best product I have found that does an amazing job at moisturizing my skin and immediately absorbs is Deep Steep's dry oil spray. When I have a little more time and want to really coat my body in moisturizer, I turn to Ellovi's body butter

2. Moisturize your hands while you sleep | I will never be one of those people that applies hand cream throughout the day. Instead, I apply a thick layer of high quality body butter to my hands before bed every night. Ever since I made this routine a daily nighttime ritual, I never suffer from my super dry, cracked, bleeding hands and knuckles. My favorite body butter for this purpose is Booda Butter

3. Make it convenient to constantly apply lip balm | I've always been fairly good at applying lip balm, but it can be easy to forget. When the weather gets cold, it seems that overnight my lips will become painfully chapped, and it is very difficult to regain healthy, moisturized lips. Within the last six months, I have placed lip balms in every room of my house. Every time I sit down in a room, or pass by one of the lip balms, I almost always apply some to my lips. Additionally, I always moisturize my lips before bed. My favorite lip balms are Booda Butter naked lip balm and Hurraw vanilla bean lip balm.

4. Have fun | I am always more inclined to use moisturizer/oil/body butter/lip balm/serum if it smells really good. I love the invigorating sensation that comes along with fresh, clean scents. My favorite scents are vanilla, citrus, and cocoa. It is also more fun for me to use different products for specific areas/purposes. For example, I love applying KINDri's beauty oil to my hips and lower stomach. There is no real reason, except that it makes my whole routine more well rounded and special. 

Do you suffer from dry skin? Let me know your tips how to prevent dry skin in the comments below.

LaRitzy November Box | Review

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

LaRitzy November Box | Review
LaRitzy is a new vegan beauty box that has come onto the scene and hit the ground running. Another vegan beauty box?, you might be thinking. What is so different about this one? Well, aside from carrying only the best vegan beauty products, it is a full-size luxury beauty box. Each box contains four to five full-sized products, and although it may carry sample sizes on occasion, does not take them into account when calculating the total value. For example, the November box's total value is $110(!), yet only costs $25 with free shipping. Now that's just crazy talk.

Let's take a peek inside...

LaRitzy November Box | Review
My La Ritzy box was filled with...

Glam Naturals finishing powder | Finishing powder is a product that can be hit or miss with me. Since I don't have oily skin, I only need a very light powder to set my makeup. Some finishing powders can make me look cakey or dry out my skin, so I have to be careful. This finishing powder is absolutely perfect. It sets my foundation and concealer perfectly and gives my skin an almost air brushed look. It is also very light, so my face doesn't feel heavy with makeup. I have been using this finishing powder every day and am absolutely loving it.

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques pressed cheek colour in sweet sixteen | This blush is a warm dusty rose that gives the perfect glow to my pale complexion. It also wears well throughout the day, which is pretty amazing as blush is usually the first makeup product that fades. I think this color is perfect for the fall/winter and have been using it almost daily.

Jacq's Organics green smoothie face mask and scrub | I was familiar with this product from a Petit Vour box June box. I enjoyed it then, but have fallen in love with it even more now. Maybe it's because of my fancy lady showers? This mask does an amazing job at extracting impurities from the skin and leaves it feeling super fresh and soft. My face glows after using this product and gives it the TLC it needs during these cold, dry months.

Palmetto Derma collagen booster and restoration serum | Serums are an amazing way to get extra moisture and nutrients into the skin after cleansing but before applying moisturizer. Natural serums can sometimes be thick and oily, which makes them difficult to absorb quickly in the skin and less desirable to use on a daily basis. However, this serum has the consistency of aloe vera gel and absorbs almost immediately once applied. I have been using it every morning and night and have definitely noticed a slight improvement in my skin. It feels more hydrated, nourished, and evenly toned. I am officially obsessed with this serum.

LaRitzy is a cruelty-free vegan luxury beauty box filled with four to five full-sized products per month. The price per month starts at $24.99 with free shipping and gets progressively less expensive if you subscribe for longer terms ($69.99 for three months; $239.99 for 12 months). I really love that this box is exclusively full-sized products, all of which are very high quality and have made their way into my daily beauty routine. I am truly impressed with LaRitzy and excited to see what they have in store for their December box (I hear it's going to be incredible!).

Subscribe to LaRitzy here.

Disclaimer: I was given this product to review, but all of the thoughts and opinions expressed are completely my own. 

Bead & Reel | Gift Guide and Giveaway

Monday, November 23, 2015

Bead & Reel | Gift Guide and Giveaway | Angela Roi

Bead & Reel | Gift Guide and Giveaway | Angela Roi

Bead & Reel | Gift Guide and Giveaway | Angela Roi

Holiday season is quickly approaching. Along with the excitement and festivities comes the inevitable search for the perfect gifts to bestow upon your loved ones. Although this time of year is certainly the most exciting, it can also be overwhelming and exhausting. Add into the mix the desire to purchase eco-friendly and ethical presents, and you may not know where to begin.

Luckily, my favorite ethical boutique, Bead & Reel, is your one stop shop for this shopping season. With a wide variety of products, ranging from clothes and accessories to home and baby, there is something for everyone on your holiday list. Below I have compiled some of my favorite gift ideas to help you navigate through this overwhelming time of year. Make sure you read through to the end, which has details on how to win an amazing giveaway with Bead & Reel (I'm already jealous of the winner!).

1. Bags | If you read my blog on a regular basis, you know I have a thing for bags. One is never enough, you know? I love discovering and using vegan, ethically-made hand bag companies, especially when they help benefit a good cause. Bead & Reel carries a wide variety of vegan handbags, including Matt and Nat, The Peace Exchange, EcoCork, and Angela Roi. 

Besides the impeccably-made and stylish structure that is synonymous with Angela Roi, each color bag supports a specific cause. For example, the Jules Bucket Bag in black (pictured above) benefits the Melanoma Research Foundation. I love this bag for its roomy inside, easy to close snap button and ties, and detachable pouch. Its like a functional and chic take on origami. Plus, I think I may have finally found a bag that is large enough to fit all of my stuff (maybe).

Bead & Reel | Gift Guide and Giveaway
2. Ethical Starter Kit Gift Set | This gift set is perfect as an introduction into the ethical lifestyle along with your "vegan for 10 years" types of friends. It comes with a fair-wage, cotton bra and panty set, fair trade Peace Exchange tote bag, and cruelty-free, non-toxic laundry care set. Not only is it fun to have a matching bra and panty set on hand for when you want to feel a little fancy, the beautiful brightly colored patterned Peace Exchange tote bag makes you feel empowered to leave the house with a tote bag on your arm. Not only is it stylish, but is created in a non-profit center in Congo to help provide work, education, and dignity to women. Now don't you want to buy a Peace Exchange tote bag for every woman in your life? Luckily, it comes in five colors.

Bead & Reel | Gift Guide and Giveaway | Raechel Ryen | Angela Roi

3. Jewelry | I love jewelry. I am a total sucker for well-made, one of a kind, statement pieces and Bead & Reel has an amazing variety for all the women (and men!) in your life. Rachael Ryen Jewelry is a great option for classic, minimalist pieces, and I love the baguette ring (pictured above). I also love Natalie Frigo's jewelry, which is all made by hand in her Manhattan studio with recycled brass and ethical stones. Additionally, Mata Traders has a wide assortment of beautiful beaded pieces that are handcrafted in Nepal and India, which train, employ, and empower women. One for every woman in your life?   

Bead & Reel | Gift Guide and Giveaway | Angela Roi
4. Gift card | Gift cards are a great gift option for those really picky individuals on your list. Although I much prefer giving and receiving actual gifts, others really appreciate the ability to choose the perfect item on their own. Rather than give a generic gift card to a non-specific store (or unethical store), Bead and Reel has gift cards available, which ensure that your money will go to an ethical, eco-friendly gift. Add to the fact that Bead & Reel is offering 20% off gift cards until November 25th, you really can't go wrong. 

GIVEAWAY | One lucky individual will win a $150 gift card to Bead & Reel. To enter, visit my Instagram post and tell me what you would buy from Bead & Reel if you win (for ideas, go to Bead & Reel's website and Instagram). Giveaway will close on Sunday, November 29th at 12:00 AM and winner will be announced on Monday, November 30th- Cyber Monday. US and Canada only. Good luck!

Disclaimer: I was given these products to review, but all of the thoughts and opinions expressed are completely my own.  This post contains affiliate links.

Love Goodly October/November Box | Review

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Love Goodly October/November Box | Review
Who doesn't love a big box filled with vegan, cruelty-free beauty, fashion accessories, and wellness supplements arriving at their doorstep on a regular basis? Being a conscious consumer has never been easier with Love Goodly bursting onto the scene. Their boxes are so perfectly curated with beautiful products and have truly become one of my favorites.
Love Goodly October/November Box | Review

My Love Goodly box was filled with...

Go Raw choco crunch sprouted cookies | These "cookies" are super healthy and contain minimal ingredients- coconut, sesame seeds, dates, and cacao nibs. They taste healthy, but in a good way, and are the perfect addition to a mid-day snack.

Dogeared make a wish bracelet | You make a wish, put on the bracelet, and when the heart charm falls off, your wish will come true. Of course I don't believe in this sorcery, but the bracelet is adorable and I love wearing it. My one issue is that I wish it would last forever, rather than me waiting for it to fall apart.

Crystal Essence pomegranate roll on deodorant | My mom uses the Crystal Essence deodorant spray and loves it. I was happy to receive this version, as I enjoy experimenting with different natural deodorants. It applies smoothly, absorbs quickly, and the pomegranate smell is lovely. Since I do not perspire much or ever really smell, I don't know if I am the best judge of this deodorant. But, for me, it works really well.

KINDri organic beauty oil | After 1.5+ years of experimenting with beauty oils, I have finally really embraced and fallen in love with them. This one is especially magical. It has a beautiful citrus scent and absorbs quickly. I have been applying it to my hips daily (where I have stretch marks), as that area tends to get dry during the colder months. My skin has never felt softer. 

Fountain super green molecule | I was seriously confused when I opened this bottle because nowhere on the box or packaging did it say what exactly this supplement was supposed to do. The formula is a kiwi-flavored and stevia sweetened chlorophyll-kelp mixture which sounded like it could be beneficial to one's health. I began taking the 1 teaspoon serving size every morning along with my Calm and immediately saw positive results in regards to increased energy and ability to focus. Afterwards, I decided to Google the benefits of chlorophyll and discovered that it basically helps you in every possible way. I am officially obsessed with this supplement and think everyone should include chlorophyll into their daily life. It basically helps you live.

Love Goodly is a bi-monthly vegan and cruelty-free lifestyle box that contains 5-7 full sized products and deluxe samples. This box has it all (as far as I'm concerned)- beauty, fashion, and wellness. At $39.95 per box and free US shipping, Love Goodly is a great option for individuals well-immersed in the cruelty-free scene as well as newbies who want to experiment with different products. 

Sign up to receive the exclusive December/January holiday box here.

Disclaimer: I was given this product to review, but all of the thoughts and opinions expressed are completely my own. 

Indigo Apparel infinity wrap | Review

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Indigo Apparel infinity wrap | Review

Indigo Apparel infinity wrap | Review

Indigo Apparel infinity wrap | Review
I like to keep things simple when it comes to my wardrobe (and my life). The majority of my clothing is black, white, and gray, with a few accent colors mixed in. I love classic, minimal pieces that transition throughout the entire year, rather than having several "seasonal" wardrobes. Essentially, I have a capsule wardrobe.

One of the best parts of keeping things minimal, besides the obvious less>more, is that it is super easy to add little touches of personality. Particularly, I love accessorizing with a piece of statement jewelry or other accessory. Just one, or maybe two if I'm feeling extra fancy.

Once the weather drops below 70, scarves are my best friend and favorite accessory. I basically need some sort of blanket covering me from September until June (because Philly), and scarves are the best and easiest way to keep me warm. My one issue with them is that they are often not particularly soft and/or breathable and I have a difficult time staying both warm and comfortable. What's a girl to do?

Luckily, one of my most favorite eco-friendly fashion brands, Indigo Apparel, recently released a beautiful assortment of infinity wraps for the fall and winter. These wraps are made of super soft 70% organic bamboo and 30% organic cotton blend, and hand painted with 100% non-toxic dyes. They are incredibly breathable and comfortable, so you never have to choose between feeling warm and suffocated or cold and uncomfortable ever again. Additionally, the scarves come in a variety of colors and, since they are made by hand, no two are exactly the same. In these photos I am wearing cinnamon-apple (we all know how much I love apples), but I also really love frost and fire.

I think having an assortment of Indigo's infinity wraps would be the perfect addition to a capsule wardrobe or a great way to begin experimenting with eco-friendly fashion. Indigo's pieces are low-impact, hand-made, made in the USA, organic, vegan, and incredibly stylish. They also make a wonderful holiday gift for those stylish, always cold, ladies (and gentlemen) in your life. You simply cannot go wrong with these gorgeous fashion accessories.

Indigo Apparel's website | instagram | facebook

Disclaimer: I was given this product to review, but all of the thoughts and opinions expressed are completely my own. 

Petit Vour October Box | Review

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Heads up: Petit Vour's October box is one of my most favorite boxes ever. Its contents are so amazing, original, and perfect to get into the swing of fall. Plus, the card is so cute. Come see what is inside...

My Petit Vour box was filled with...

Habit Cosmetics nail polish in deep sea | I can never get enough nail polishes. If you saw the amount that I own, you'd be like, "Girl, you don't need anymore!" But, seriously, I love trying different colors, brands, formulations; I love experimenting. This nail polish is a beautiful deep, inky blue that has a thin formulation. However, the color is so pigmented that only 1-2 coats are required for streak-free coverage. An added bonus is that the polish contains myrrh which helps to strengthen the nails. My only critique of this polish is that the applicator brush is super short, making it particularly challenging to paint the toes. I would definitely try more colors from this brand.

Ursa Major of VT fantastic face wash | This face wash has a manly smell- but in a good way. It contains whole essential oils, such as cedar, spearmint, rosemary, and black spruce. I love that the directions say to lather it on your face, neck, and behind the ears, which I always do. You can leave the product on your face for an additional 1-2 minutes to get a deeper clean, Once you rinse, your face feels oh so clean.

Hana Organic Skincare eye oil | I've never used an oil specifically for eyes before, but I am completely obsessed with this one. It smells like rose, which is my favorite oil. I gentle apply the smallest drop around my eyes, and if I have a little left, on my laugh lines. A little goes a long way and I plan on using every last drop.

Essence of Vali sleep- a bedtime ritual | This bedtime oil reminds me of the stress relieving lotion and body wash my mom gets for my dad. It is a mixture of soothing essential oils including lavender, cedarwood, and ylang/ylang. Although I have absolutely no trouble ever falling asleep, I enjoyed this addition to my bedtime ritual. I think anyone who needs help relaxing at night would really benefit from this oil blend. Essence of Vali has some amazing gift boxes available on their website, too, which would be the perfect Christmas present for the person in your life who needs a little extra stress relief.

October's Petit Vour box was one of my favorite curated collections from them (or anyone) of all time. I love the variety, new to me brands, and amazing quality of each product. I am always blown away by Petit Vour's luxe offerings and attention to detail. Each box perfectly showcases the fact that cruelty-free vegan living can be beautiful, luxurious, and fun. And it's only $15 a month plus free shipping. How do they do it? 

Sign up for your Petit Vour box here.

Disclaimer: I was given this product to review, but all of the thoughts and opinions expressed are completely my own.  This post contains affiliate links.

Becca shimmering skin perfector pressed | Review

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I love experimenting with different cosmetics and constantly using new products. Even when a product is really good, I cannot help but wonder, "But is there something even better?" Very occasionally, I will stumble upon a product that is so unbelievably amazing that I have no desire to try any other. The Holy Grail product. They are few and far between, but do exist.

A few months ago, I decided it was time to experiment Becca's skimmering skin perfector pressed powder. I debated back and forth between the Moonstone (top photo) and the cult-favorite Opal (second photo). After consulting with the Ulta salesperson, I was convinced that Moonstone was the correct shade for my skin tone. The next day, when I swept the highlighter across my face for the first time, I instantly swooned. About a month later, I also scored the Opal in an exclusive Becca gift set and have been loving the warmer shade since. 

Moonstone (left swatch) is a pale golden shimmer that very natural looking and perfect for those days when you want a subtle glow. Even though I was advised that Moonstone was correct for my skintone, I think I prefer Opal (right swatch). The Opal is a golden opal pearl and perfect at warming up my otherwise pale skin (which I use in combination with this bronzer). There is a reason that everyone loves Opal; it compliments a wide variety of skintones. Also, I absolutely love its foiled shimmer. 

One of the most common phrases I heard before getting the skin perfectors is that "a little goes a long way". Although I agree in the sense that with one sweep of a brush, it is fully loaded with the highlighter, I think the statement makes it sound like it is easy to go overboard with the product. In my experience, you can be pretty liberal with the skin perfectors without looking completely unnatural. The product is very buildable, in a beautiful and natural kind of way.

My highlighting technique of choice is strobing. I apply the shimmering skin perfector on my cheekbones upward in a C motion (above eye brows), down the ridge of my nose, cupid's bow, brow bone, and inner eyes. The result is the most perfect natural glow with the slightest shimmer that lasts all day.  

My only critique of Becca's shimmering skin perfectors is that not all of the shades are vegan. Moonstone, Opal, and Topaz are vegan, while Rose Gold and Champagne Pop contain carmine. My hope in the future is that Becca eliminates the carmine so that the entire line of products is vegan and I can collect them all.

Have you tried Becca's shimmering skin perfector? What are your thoughts? If not, what is your favorite highlighter?
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