Favorites | On Friday

Friday, May 29, 2015

Favorites | On Friday
Roasted cauliflower dishes always have a place in my heart.

This flatbread is perfect for grilled pizza (and is gluten-free. vegan, and yeast-free!).

Be still, my peanut butter loving heart.

Ooey gooey campfire snacks.

These habits perfectly align with the book I just finished reading.

An awesome ethical fashion Kickstarter with some great rewards (loving the seafoam crochet top).

This mascara guide from Rhian is on point.

I can't believe these were made without any oil.  They look so crispy!

This girl's instagram is on point with all of the peanut butter related posts.

Have a great weekend!

Obsessed | Equipe Major

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Obsessed | Equipe Major

I recently discovered the brand and online boutique Equipe Major via Instagram.  I was immediately attracted to the innovative, fashion forward designs and the fact that the entire line is vegan and PETA-approved.  Equipe Major is all about providing cruelty-free, high fashion to consumers and at a reasonable price.  Obsession-worthy, am I right?

What I find so appealing about Equipe Major's collection is the fact that the pieces have a classic silhouette with a little twist to make them original and swoon-worthy.  A simple dress has fringe or a plunging neckline, a jumpsuit is backless or in a super feminine cotton candy pink, a top has cut outs or made with mesh.  Also, kimonos.  It's the perfect boutique for the classy, fashion forward woman.

Since finding the brand, I have been making daily trips to the online boutique to scour their collection and create a super long wish list.  Above are some of my favorite pieces (with the links provided below).  Please visit Equipe Major and share your favorites with me!

Equipe Major's website | facebook | instagram | twitter

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Kester Black Buttercream | Review

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Kester Black Buttercream | Review

Kester Black Buttercream | Review
Kester Black Buttercream | Review
Ever since I was first introduced to Kester Black a little over a month ago, I have been regularly rotating the two bottles I own (poppy and buttercream) on the regular.  I love everything about these nail polishes.  The formula is thick and goes on ultra smooth; the brush tapers out, which provides more coverage for painting your nail in less strokes; the colors are ultra creamy and opaque; the formula is fast drying and long lasting (no chips for days and days). 

Kester Black is such a fantastic Australian company.  Their products are manufactured in small batches, are made of the highest quality ingredients, and have Choose Cruelty Free and Vegan Society accreditation.  I'm just blown away.

Although I love poppy, buttercream has to be my favorite of the two colors I own.  I'm actually pretty obsessed with it.  Buttercream is a subtle nude, but has a little something special.  I love that it is a different tone than my skin, which helps it to stand out, while still remaining classy and neutral.  It is the perfect shade for spring and summer, and I plan to wear it often.

All of the colors in their collection are so vibrant and original.  You can tell they are high quality and perfectly pigmented.  In my dream life, I would love to own silverbirch, french white, and conquer blonde.  What are your favorite colors in Kester Black's collection?

Favorites | On Friday

Friday, May 22, 2015

Graduation bouquets

I love watching/reading/learning about children raised as vegans.  

Mark Cuban is pretty much my favorite.

I want to visit this vegan ice cream shop.  What would you order?  (I'd get the Peanut Butter Cup sunday!)

Double duty beauty products to simplify your routine (also Ashlee!).

Why is "mama" the universal word for mother across nearly every country in the world.

Questions to ask my husband on our next date night (although I'm not sure he'd be into it).

My all time favorite bakery cookie veganized and deglutenized.

Hey Mom, are we going to go see this musical?

Remember when I posted the Myers-Briggs test?  Well, I'm an ISFJ and this article is spot on.

Have a great weekend!

I got my Master's degree

Thursday, May 21, 2015

I got my Master's degree
About three years ago, my parents were attempting to help guide my 25 year old brother on a productive and meaningful path in life.  It's not like he was doing poorly, but desperately needed structure and a goal.  He received several postcards in the mail for a Master's degree open house at a local university and they suggested on numerous occasions that he attend.  He'd give them the "I will" answer, but never followed up.  Eventually I began offering to go with him.  He seemed more interested at first, but always brushed me off.*

After about six months of my parents and I attempting to encourage him, we decided that it was his life and we couldn't force him to do anything.  While discussing the situation, I made the comment, "I'd love to go to grad school," to which my parents responded, "Then why don't you?"  At that moment, all of those self doubting thoughts filled my mind and the only reason I could think of to not go back to school was that I was afraid of failing.  But quickly I realized that fear wasn't a reason to not do something. 

Fast forward two and a half years: from the application process, to the dozens of papers I wrote and presentations given, to the weeks of reading 100+ pages from text books, to the nights of rushing home from work to make dinner and then go to school, to the classes where the teachers would keep us until after 10pm, to the spring/summer I used up all of my vacation days at work to complete my internship, to the weeks/months I would go without seeing my best friends, to the nights Dayv and I would attempt to spend time together but I immediately passed out on the couch, and now it is all over.  

Last Thursday I graduated with my Master's degree with distinguished honors and a 4.0 gpa.  I can say without a doubt that I worked at my full capacity the last two years and always put in 100% when it came to school.  I have no idea how I juggled it all, but somehow I managed, and Dayv told me recently that I made it look easy.  It wasn't, but I did it.  And I'm really proud of myself.

I have challenged that stubborn voice in my head many times in the last two years and have gained so much self awareness, strength, and confidence.  I no longer think "I can't do this," and if I do, I immediately extinguish the thought from my mind.  I am capable of anything I put my mind to.  Of course I will always have a bit of an imposter syndrome, but now I am more in the state of mind that no one really knows what they're doing- it's all about who can fake it the best.  Fake it 'til you make it.  With drive, passion, and a positive attitude, anything is possible.

This summer I look forward to reading for pleasure, spending lots of time with Dayv, seeing my best friends on an extremely regular basis, going to the beach several times, throwing myself a 30th birthday party, taking a long vacation, sleeping, spending time in my garden, cooking and baking, hanging out with my parents, napping, cleaning out the basement, attending to long overdue house projects, and just relaxing.  I think it will be pretty amazing.

Do you challenge the self-doubting thoughts in your head?  What do you do to prove to yourself that you are capable?

*My brother moved to Seattle that year, found his passion, and is currently working his butt off to make it his career.

Miakoda circle shirt | Review

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Miakoda circle shirt review

Miakoda circle shirt review
Miakoda circle shirt review
I am a huge fan of the ethical fashion brand Miakoda.  I first discovered the line in February when they partnered with another one of my favorite fashion ladies, Djuna Shay, to create a stunning spring coat.  Since then, I both acquired and fell in love with Miakoda's sweatshirt dress.  I was immediately hooked and knew I wanted to collect more of their innovative, super comfy pieces.

Recently, I snagged Miakoda's circle shirt.  I wasn't sure what to expect of the top, as it is one size fits all and I am petite.  However, once I put the shirt on, all of my concerns dissipated.  Yes, the top is rather large on me, but it is perfect for those days where you want to be comfortable but also look super cute.  The design is very flowy, made of organic bamboo and cotton blend knit, and makes you feel light as a feather while wearing it.  One thing which I didn't expect, but love, is that the back of the shirt is longer than the front, creating an interesting silhouette.  For someone on the petite side, I suggest pairing the top with form fitting bottoms, such as leggings or skinny jeans, which will accentuate the design without overwhelming your body.  

This shirt is perfect for the hot, humid days ahead.  I cannot wait to take full advantage of its lightweight, relaxed fit this summer.  Another Miakoda piece which is also perfect for summer and is next on my wishlist is the a-line dress.  Isn't it just perfect?  Julia (the designer) warns that it is on the short side, but I'm pretty positive it won't be an issue considering I'm only 5'4".

Favorites | On Friday

Friday, May 15, 2015

Graduation flowers
This video made my heart smile.

Is there anything better than a big oatmeal cookie?

So excited to follow along on Amanda and Aaron and Honey and Barley's adventure.

Richa is queen of the vegan brownies (I decided).

Long weekend vacation envy.

The answer we've all been waiting for- what are the best cruelty-free mascaras?  Tashina's got it covered.

One of my dreams.

My favorite artist's newest piece is up on her etsy and I'm loving it.

Currently reading this book and really enjoying its simple wisdom and advice.

This happened yesterday.

Have a great weekend!
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