Bead & Reel Summer Collection Wishlist

Friday, July 22, 2016

Bead & Reel Summer Collection Wishlist
This past Saturday, Bead & Reel co-hosted their much anticipated fashion show with The Peace Exchange. Along with the event, the online boutique also added several new pieces to their website. Although I am always impressed with curator and founder, Sica's, taste, these newest additions have totally blown my socks off. With a variety of staples, bold prints, and abundance of fair-trade pieces, this collection is one that cannot be missed. Of course, I went onto the website and found my absolute favorites, which are shown above and described below. What are your favorite new pieces on Bead & Reel?

Harem jumpsuit by Rujuta Sheth | I have been lusting after jumpsuits lately (as shown in this post). This jumpsuit is so flowy and effortless. It's the perfect piece to throw on when you aren't feeling so great about yourself for an instant spirit lift. I have no doubt nearly anyone would look like a million bucks wearing it. This garment made of 100% modal viscose, which is so super soft and silk-like, and handmade in India by women.

High waisted taper pant by Rujuta Sheth | I always shy away from high waisted pants, but these ones are giving me the googly eyes. I love the button waist detail and gray color. Made with super soft modal viscose, these pants are perfectly professional while still being super comfy.

Avalon dress by Groceries Apparel | Groceries is one of my favorite ethical clothing brands, and for good reason. Their clothes are simple staples that are easily dressed up or drown, and utilizes conscious fabrics. This dress is made with 100% GMO-free organic cotton jersey and is the perfect  soft and flowy summer dress.

Tapered-leg jumpsuit by Orgotton | Are you seriously kidding me with this jumpsuit? It's all the good S-things in one- sexy, simple, and staple. I'm obsessed with this color gray and the gorgeous back detailing. Its mixture of bamboo, organic cotton, and spandex promise a super soft and comfortable fit. Plus, the company is headquartered in Philly! I wonder if I can visit them?!

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My weekly pamper routine

Friday, July 15, 2016

My weekly pamper routine
Sundays are so bittersweet. On the one hand, it's the weekend so it's automatically awesome. But on the other hand, Monday's dark cloud is looming in the nearby distance, which creates a slight sense of dread. 

I used to loathe Sundays when I was growing up and in school. However, with maturity I have learned to embrace the day off and really make it my own. The solution: a carefully honed and much loved pamper routine. I am so attached to my Sundays now that if you invite me to do something on that day, 99.99% of the time I will say I cannot make it. 

The steps below have definitely evolved over time and, at this point, I believe that the list is complete. Please let me know how you pamper yourself and if you think I should add anything to my list.

Sleep in | Monday through Saturday, I wake up at 4:45 on the dot and immediately exercise. However, on Sundays I allow myself to "sleep in" until around 6:30, when Mina inevitably wakes me up. Even though 6:30 may still be early for some, it's quite a difference from waking up before dawn. Part of me kind of hates getting up late; but, I also love the additional sleep since Dayv and I have our date night take out every Saturday and I often stay up until after midnight (gasp!).

Hair mask | Hair masks are so luxurious, aren't they? For a while I wanted to get into them, but could never figure out where to incorporate them into my life. Sunday morning is the perfect answer. After I finish eating breakfast and spend a few hours reading/watching YouTube videos, I apply an oil hair mask and then wrap my head in plastic wrap. The mask stays on from about 9:30 to about 2:30, when I take a shower. The longer the better, right?

Nap | After I apply my hair mask, I take my long Sunday nap. Since I get up so early during the majority of the week, I really need a good weekend nap to recharge. My nap typically lasts for three to five hours. I know it sounds slightly ridiculous, but imagine those hours divided up throughout the week if I were to get up later. 

Face mask | Incorporating face masks was another step I struggled to incorporate until recently. For some reason, they always seemed so laborious and inconvenient. Now, I apply one about 10 to 15 minutes before I take a shower.

Shower | During my shower, I wash off my face and hair masks. It is always tricky to know whether I get all of the hair mask out, but washing my hair twice seems to do the trick. I also complete my usual shower agenda of shaving, loofahing, etc. I don't love showers, so mine are never longer than required to get the job done.

Hair | Since I have dry hair, I only wash it twice a week. On Sunday, I wash and then blowdry it out. For the remainder of the week (until I go to hot yoga on Wednesday and inevitably need to wash it again and repeat the same process), I simply flat iron it every morning. Easy peasy.

Read | During the week, it can be difficult to get in a really good reading session. I usually read about three hours on Sundays, which helps me to accomplish my 2016 goal of reading two books a month. I love reading and for the longest time struggled to find the time. Answer: You have to make the time.

Manicure | Dayv and I always spend Sunday night binge-watching a show, or, as of late, getting really into American Ninja Warrior. Until a couple weeks ago, we were watching Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley. During this time, I paint my nails for the week (or until I remove it mid-week for a new mani or clear coat).

My Favorite Things | June Edition

Friday, July 8, 2016

My Favorite Things | June Edition

Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses CC Cream | I am a huge fan of the Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses line. I find the smell so beautiful and the formulas super nourishing. Although I favor my Born This Way foundation during the cooler months, this cc cream is the perfect light weight color corrector and spf. I wear it every day and have nothing bad to say about it.

Giovanni leave-in conditioning and styling elixir | Rhian used this product in her recent hair care tutorial and I was immediately interested. I am a huge fan of Giovanni and have tried many of their different lines, including the Blackberry + Coconut and Cherry Blossom + Rose Petals (if you couldn't tell, I love rose-infused products), but had yet to try anything from their Avocado + Olive Oil line. I was able to procure some samples of this product, and my hair has never been softer and smoother. I obviously need to invest in a full sized product soon as well aa the entire line.

SpaRitual nail polish in Tender | My favorite color (besides baby pink) is turquoise. This nail polish is vibrant, deep, and perfect in every way. I also appreciate the creamy, smooth, and opaque formula. Whenever I wear this polish, I receive a ton of compliments. It is the perfect summer shade.


If/Then | My mom and I recently saw this musical at the Kimmel Center and to say it was life changing would be an understatement. The story line is so original, the characters are so relatable, and the songs are phenomenal. From the opening line I was on the edge of my seat. I have seen many musicals and this one easily ranks top five; I'd say top three. My mom and I both highly recommend it.

OJ Simpson: Made in America | A little fun tidbit about myself is that I have been obsessed with the OJ Simpson trial since I was nine and it was broadcast on television. This documentary is five parts and clocks in at over 7.5 hours. I loved how deeply it delved into all of the race issues, which provides relevant background for the trial. The interviews and thoroughness of covering every aspect of the event satisfied my inquisitive mind. I also loved that the series didn't end at the verdict, but continued to follow OJ after he was acquitted.


Miakoda New York | Last week, I visited my friend, Julia (and Djuna!), and tried on every. single. item. in her new collection. To say I am obsessed is putting it mildly. I went home with the pink crop top and white joggers (fashion post coming soon!), but legitimately want to own the entire line. Next on my list are the mint green slouchies, racerback bra, white jumpsuit for summer and black jumpsuit for the rest of the year, and gray racerback top and slouchies (they are so soft and would make the perfect pajamas). After that, I want everything else.


Beyond Sushi NYC | When I was up in New York last week, I finally had the chance to try Beyond Sushi, a NYC chain that serves entirely vegan sushi. I got the nutty buddy and spicy mango. I honestly cannot remember the spicy mango, mostly because I ate it first and was absolutely starving. However, the nutty buddy was so good I went back and got a second one (also because I was still starving). It is a rice paper roll filled with buckwheat noodles, peanut butter, cashews, carrots, and cilantro. I got it without the tofu (since I don't eat tofu) and they made it gluten-free for me by simply giving me a different sauce. I cannot wait to go back and eat it again. 


Journaling | I have what you may call an obsessive brain. Usually I can keep my thoughts under control, but sometimes I am completely consumed by them. I reached a breaking point a couple weeks ago and decided to start journaling every morning to see if it would relieve my mind of the burden my inner dialog causes. My journaling basically consists of free writing and lists,  and it has really been helping me. I use the Erin Condren notebook (I had it before I started journaling) and love the ability to custom design the cover. I also find it to be the perfect size. If you want to purchase anything by Erin Condren (I also have and love her life planner!), you can click this link and get $10 off your first order.

When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi | I had heard so much about this book and was on a forever long library waitlist. I finally obtained it and read it within two days. It changed my life. Not to give away too much of the plot, but it is an autobiography about a neurosurgeon in his mid-30's who finds out he has cancer. It moved me so much that everytime I try to explain it, I get all choked up and say, "I can't talk about it." I finished this book on the train home from New York and wept the whole time. Let's just say this isn't a book you should read in a public setting. One particular line really made me think. The author said that he and his wife did not believe the point of life was to avoid suffering. Life is about embracing every aspect of it, really feeling it, and not turning down experiences simply because we are afraid of suffering. It was beautiful.

June Favorites on Friday

Friday, July 1, 2016

June Favorites on Friday
I freakin loved my wedding dress, but damn 1936, you're making me reevaluate everything.

I say "No" alot. And Dayv says it even more than me. Luckily, that's a good thing.

I hate making decisions and do all of the things on the bullet point list (except owning a company). Do you?

How perfect is this parfait?

Not to be a creep, but I am completely obsessed with this 12 year old girl.

As a follow up to the above, if Howie's first remark bothered you, too, read this Buzzfeed article.

I'm pretty sure Richa created this roundup specifically for me.

This article describes perfectly my relationship with my best friend of 19 years. I'd totally marry her, too.

"I'm well-groomed, enjoy skiing, and have enough disposable income to amass a comfortable hat wardrobe."

If I had the guts...

Patti Smith is the coolest. My favorite answer is to the last question.

I'm glad I'm not alone in my frustrations.

I want to eat this for breakfast every single day for the rest of my life.

What kind of story do you tell yourself?

I kind of want to move to Thailand now...

Have a great weekend and safe holiday for all my US friends (and all my other friends, too).

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Gleam | Review

Friday, June 24, 2016

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Gleam | Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Gleam | Review
I like to believe that I am a very restrained individual when it comes to "must need" products. I am not easily swayed by things that are overly hyped and often have the mindset "I don't need that." Well, that may be true in most instances, but sometimes I simply cannot fight the inner voice in my heart that says, "Come on, Caitlin. This is made for you." Such is the case with the Anastasia Glow Kit.

If there is one thing I like to do, it's glow. I absolutely love highlighter, and even though I do not have a large collection by any standards, it is very loved. So, when both Tashina and Rhian started raving about Anastasia's new highlighter palette, I was instantly interested. Once I saw it in person during my mission to Sephora, it was pretty obvious that, yes, this palette was made for me. Tashina and Rhian both picked up the "That Glow" option, but I chose "Gleam", since I am a pale Irish girl who does not self tan. I was obsessed with it the moment I began using it and my love has only grown over time. 

One critique I often hear about highlighter and contour palettes is that it can be difficult to utilize all of the shades. However, I use all four of the pans every single day in the glow kit. Mimosa is the perfect bronze topper. I layer Hard Candy and Starburst as blush toppers. Crushed Pearl is always applied to my cheekbones, brow bone, inner corner of my eyes, bridge of nose, and cupid's bow. Afterwards, I'm glowing. I also use these shades alone, and rather than top other products, act as my sole bronzer and blushes. The result is a subtle, yet super invigorated complexion. A glow from within.

Have you gotten the Anastasia Glow Kit? If so, what are your impressions? If you haven't, what is your favorite highlighter(s)?

Three ethical swimwear brands

Friday, June 17, 2016

Three ethical swimwear brands

I must admit, I'm not much of a swimwear fanatic. I've been rotating the only two swimsuits I own for the last 10+ years, and they are actually hand-me-downs from my best friend. Since I refuse to go in chlorinated pools (I know I'm a weirdo) and hardly ever go down the shore, I simply do not have the need to buy a new swimsuit every year (or decade). However, I know most individuals are not like me and enjoy spending a good amount of their summer days in swimwear. 

Although my only bathing suits are from H&M and hand-me-downs, making the choice to invest in ethically-made swimwear is an important decision for many consumers. By design, swimsuits are constructed to absorb water a certain way. The fabric is often made with petrochemicals and synthetic materials, making the finished product quite unfriendly to the environment. Swimwear is often manufactured in countries where workers are not paid or treated fairly. Additionally, most people toss their swimsuits when they done with them rather than gifting them to a friend who is comfortable sharing used bottoms (I've also never seen bathing suits in thrift stores...), leaving them to sit in a landfill forever. So what's a girl to do?

Luckily, some great brands have taken the time, research, and development to create swimwear that you can feel good about wearing. Check out three great options below. These companies offer pieces that are reasonably priced, with the understanding that they are an investment to be worn for multiple years (maybe even 10+?).

La Isla | La Isla is a homegrown business that utilizes eco-friendly, sustainable fabrics, such as 50% recycled PET fabric. Their swimsuits come in a variety of vibrant colors and prints, perfect for a tropical getaway. My favorite style is Malibu, which is basically the cutest suit ever.

Summer Love Swimwear | Summer Love Swimwear is designed and manufactured in California. Their swimwear utilizes VITA, a sustainable techno-fabric of 100% recycled fiber made from pre- and post-consumer materials, such as discarded fishing nets. The company works with Healthy Seas Initiative to repurpose the over 640,000 tons of fishing gear left or lost in the ocean, which traps, injures, and kills hundreds of thousands of sea animals. The pieces are also reasonably priced for individuals on a budget. Summer Love Swimwear offers suits that are a bit on the sultry side. My favorite is the Pink Passion bikini (I really love the bottoms).

Vaute Couture | Vaute recently released a stunning summer collection complete with swimsuits to compliment a wide variety of body types and personal styles. No matter if you prefer minimal, flirty, sweet, you will find an option. The construction utilizes recycled carpet fibers made into recycled nylon, and elastane. Additionally, the pieces are cut and sewn in New York City's garment district. Hashtag #ethicalfashion #organic #sweatshopfree #madeinusa #womanowned. My favorite suit is the Dagmara Diamond One-Piece. Vaute often has sales throughout the year, so keep a peek if you want to take advantage of a discount.

What's your view on swimwear? Do you buy new pieces each year or, are you like me, and have been sporting the same one for over a decade?

My favorite things | May edition

Friday, June 10, 2016

My favorite things | May edition

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit | If there is one thing I like to do, it's glow. After Tashina and Rhian both posted rave reviews about this palette, I knew it needed to be in my life. I plan on doing a full review in the near future, but I'll say right now that I. Am. Obsessed.

Lauren B. Beauty dual base/top coat | I hate when my nail polish starts chipping. Hate. I always paint my nails on Sunday night and by Wednesday evening/Thursday morning, I feel so unkempt (in reality it's a few chips). I used to take off my nail polish and leave my nails naked until the following Sunday, but they would break so easily. In May, I began removing my chipped nail polish and immediately repaint them with this polish. It leaves a glossy, thin coat that keeps my nails looking healthy and protected. My nails also look much more polished and I even get compliments on the minimal manicure.

Lippygirl Cosmetics lipstick in rosie posie | I received this lipstick in my May LaRitzy box and it has been one of my go-to lip products in the past month. I find it to be one of those "your lips but better" colors. Lippygirl's formula is made with all-natural, organic ingredients and very easy to wear. The product is a sheer wash of color, rather than matte, and is very moisturizing.

OSEA skincare | This skin care line receives raves reviews from the vegan, cruelty-free community, and for good reason. The products are super gentle and very effective. I use the ocean cleanser as my daily face wash. It is creamy, smells fruity, and is perfect at cleansing the skin while keeping moisture balanced. I love the atmosphere protection cream as a primer for my makeup, as it is very light and quickly absorbs into the skin. Lastly, the essential hydrating oil is wonderful at spot moisturizing those extra dry areas, such as the under eyes, forehead and sides of mouth.


Homeland | I have been a huge fan of Claire Danes ever since the My So Called Life days and it's not just because we cry the same way. I often refer to her as my childhood hero/idol or simply, "mah girl". Homeland has been on my list of television shows to watch for years, but Dayv was never interested in it until recently. We have been binge watching it this past month and are currently on the final season. All I can say is that I forever love you, Claire Danes/Angela Chase/Carrie Mathison.


Miakoda New York relaunched website and SS2016 collection | If you have followed my blog or social media for any length of time, you know I am a huge fan of Miakoda. They recently launched a new website and spring/summer collection, which is fresh, clean, and minimal, with beautiful pops of pastel colors. Basically, everything I love all bundled up into one fashion brand. Basically, my current wish list is the entire collection. However, if I had to narrow it down, I'm most obsessed with the pink crop top, white joggers, hoodie, the racerback tank in gray and black, and also maybe the racerback bralette. 


GAIA Collective | The powers that be recently lead me to this collective. Their Full Moon subscription boxes and shop provide you with the tools to become more in tune with yourself and harmonize with the universe. They also curate gorgeous Solstice Boxes, with an abundance of high quality, creative, and beautiful products. I am currently mildly obsessed with their Summer Solstice Box, which has the most stunning variety of items. Whenever I need a pick me up, I visit their website because it is so soothing and beautiful. 

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz | You know those books that change your life? This book is definitely one for me. Although I borrowed it from the library, I think it is a wonderful book to own and reread every few months. Its premise is that when we are small children, we are free and have no rules, or "agreements" about the way we should be. However, as we grow up, we make "agreements" with ourselves as to how we should act, behave, live our lives, etc. that hold us back and are false. This book helps to reset your mind to help you understand that you can do anything. Anything is possible. You should probably just read it.

The Fifth Agreement by Don Miguel Ruiz | This book piggybacks off the first book and delves into deeper issues regarding how we interpret information around us and communicate with others. You should probably just read it after you read The Four Agreements.

Some products in this post were sent to me for review consideration. All views and opinions are my own.
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