Date Night | 11

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

On Friday, Dayv and I had our 11th date night this year.  I had been looking forward to it the entire week, and left work asap to get the evening started.  First, we went to our usual restaurant, Blue Sage, for dinner.  The menu changed extensively since the last time we had been there, and several options that I usually order are no longer available.  So, I was forced to mix it up and try something new!  I ordered the Chiles Con Pepitas which are empanadas filled with roasted red pepper and pepita pesto, served with toybox tomato and avocado relish, and pickled white lima beans.  It was delicious.  I savored every bite, wishing the serving was more generous, and was sad when it was gone.  Dayv got his usual Carnival Squash, which is luckily still on the menu.

After dinner, Dayv and I went to the movies and saw Gone Girl.  Neither of us knew anything about the movie, except that David Fincher directed it, and we're both big fans of his work.  The storyline was extremely interesting and bizarre.  I could not anticipate any of the turns that the plot took, and the end left me feeling mystified.  I can totally understand why people that have read the book would not be interested in seeing the movie, and vice versa. The story is so intricate and suspenseful, and once you know what is going to happen, all of the excitement dissipates.  I really enjoyed it, as did Dayv.  When the movie ended, he immediately turned to me and said, "I can't believe they made a movie about us!  That's plagiarism!  We should sue."  I burst out laughing and we kept the gag going for the rest of the way home.  

From the Weekend | Catching Up

Monday, October 20, 2014

Lately, I've been feeling the constant need to catch up.  Catch up on school work, house stuff, reading, sleeping, and spending time with Dayv.  This weekend, I was able to do a little of it all, and it felt great.  

Here's the run-down:

1| Date night with Dayv on Friday.  (More details this week!)
2| Saturday and Sunday naps.
3| Talking with my mom on the phone for an hour and hearing about my parents' trip to Seattle to visit my brother.  I wasn't able to go and am really disappointed, but I loved getting the details about my brother's new-ish home town and the impression it has made on my parents.  
4| Finishing Wild on Saturday night (review this week!) and starting Cinderella Ate My Daughter on Sunday.
5| Doing lots of homework.
6| Making a brand new recipe that Dayv enjoyed.  

Like I always say, the most productive weekends are the best kind of weekends.  (Same applies to singular days.)

Happy Monday!

Favorites | On Friday

Friday, October 17, 2014

If I was a mother, I could totally see me writing this post.

A new to me blog with the loveliest photos. 

My standard childhood breakfast of watery Quaker oatmeal (thanks, Mom!) has got nothing on these kids.

I don't think there are enough pumpkin cupcakes in the world.  (Why always the muffin?)

As someone who thought Bath and Body Works was cruelty-free all of these years, this makes me really sad.

Have a great weekend!

Petit Vour September Beauty Box | Review

Thursday, October 16, 2014

I was so excited for September's Petit Vour beauty box because #1. receiving a Petit Vour box is like Christmas morning and #2. Tashina from Logical Harmony co-curated the box.  I impatiently awaited its arrival and, once I had it in my possession, immediately ripped it open to discover the goodies inside.  This box was definitely one of my favorites so far (even though they are all my favorite) because I had a distinct need for all of the products featured.  Madeline and Tashina create amazing boxes together and this one is no exception.  Additionally, Petit Vour boxes are now a little smaller and hot pink! which makes me even more excited.  

Vegan, cruelty-free, high quality cosmetics and personal care products + a hot pink box = a very happy Caitlin.

My beauty box was filled with:

Yarok leave-in conditioner | My hair is long and curly, and is often a big knot after I get out of the shower (I only wash my hair a couple times a week).  I liberally spray this product on my wet hair, before towel drying, and let it work its magic for about five minutes while I get dressed and put on my makeup.  Afterwards, my hair is much easier to brush and remains frizz free after it dries.  I even tested it out on a particularly humid autumn day when bad hair days are nearly inevitable and it definitely kept me looking my best.

Root Science serum | Oh my gosh.  I cannot compliment this serum enough.  It's a cross between a typical serum and face oil, and is extremely light but ultra hydrating, as well.  I just need one pump for my entire face and afterwards my skin is glowing.  I'm in love.

Lily Lolo eyeshadow in vanilla shimmer | If I were to rename this eye shadow, I'd call it pink whisper.  It is the most subtle shade of shimmery pink, almost unnoticeable to someone other than yourself.  It's perfect for when you want more of a nude lid and are going for a more natural look.  I am curious about the coverage and pigment of the darker shades that were in some of the other boxes.  My one complaint with my eye shadow is that I had a very challenging time removing the plastic cover on the inside of the container and it eventually snapped off, making it difficult for the make up to come out.  

Ellovi tinted lip butter | This lip butter provides light hydration with a hint of color.  I expected more of a color enhancement, but it is very subtle.  It's perfect when your lips feel a little dry and need a quick swipe of something to moisture them.  

Petit Vour boxes are only $15 a month with free shipping (if you live in the United States).  The boxes are a mix of full sized and sample sized (though often still generous in size) products.  Not only is everything vegan and cruelty-free, but nearly all of the products are made with all-natural, recognizable ingredients.  You just can't go wrong with this box.

Disclaimer: I was given this product to review, but all of the thoughts and opinions expressed are completely my own.

Obsessed | Jill Milan

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

jill milan, vegan, cruelty-free, bag, scarves, accessories,
Jill Milan is a designer I recently discovered via Refinery 29's Vegan Leather Boots and Bags Guide, written by Ashlee.  I was immediately enamored with the first bag, called the SoMa Punching Bag.  As a lady who is constantly struggling with an overflowing purse, this bag is exactly what I need for my day to day activities.  The style is gorgeous, very roomy, and comes in four different colors- anthracite, gold and anthracite, gold antique, and pewter.  Every day, I have been visiting the site to gaze at these beauties and fantasize about owning a SoMa bag of my very own.

In addition to making gorgeous hand bags and accessories, Jill Milan products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and hand-made in Italy with Italian fabrics and jewel-like metal.  The company has a strong commitment to animals and donates to several non-profits, including organizations that rescue and retrain former race horses.  Jill Milan is definitely a company you can feel good supporting.

Jill Milan's website

From the Weekend | Wild

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I was one of those lucky people that had a three day weekend for Columbus Day.  Although I cannot say I did anything super exciting, and, to be honest, spent the majority of my time either doing homework or studying, my weekend was very positive and productive.

One habit that I recently enacted is reading in the morning rather than browsing the internet.  Reading when I first wake up (after I eat breakfast) helps to relax and center my mind for the day ahead.  Also, it can be so difficult to find the time during the day or night to dedicate to reading and the morning is often my only free time.  By being more conscientious of how I spend my time, I am constantly finding ways to be more productive throughout the day.  I read the majority of Lean In in the morning and I can also say the same for my new book, Wild.  It just keeps getting better and better, and my mornings are the time I look forward to the most to get lost in the author's wild adventure.  Have you read it?  

Happy Tuesday!  

Favorites | On Friday

Friday, October 10, 2014

One afternoon when I had two hours to spare, I read this entire Wikipedia page.

Sarah Silverman is my hero.

I could not agree more with this message.

Loved this post on raising vegan children.

Well this obviously needs to happen.

Have a great weekend!
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