Surprise One Year Vegan-versary Party: Part Three

Friday, September 16, 2011

This morning is my last post dedicated to Dayv's "Surprise Vegan-versary Party", which I hosted on Saturday.  For those that need a little recap- my husband, Dayv, has been a vegan for exactly a year.  I surprised him with a party, which almost didn't happen because the Tennis US Open Semi-finals were on all day on Saturday.  Luckily, he left just in time(to play tennis himself), in order for me to set up, allow people to arrive, and change out of my ripped jeans and Tinkerbell tee-shirt. 

Dayv came home, and found over twenty of our friends, yelling, "Surprise!"

I made a bunch of goodies for the party.  On Monday, I shared Peanut Butter Chocolate Rice Crispy Treats.  On Wednesday, I posted about the Raw Cashew-Apricot Cookies and Squirrel Rolled Sugar Cookies.  Today, I will show you what no proper party should ever be without- cupcakes!

First, I made Manifest Vegan's Chocolate Cupcakes.  For the icing, I made Oh She Glow's Fluffy Almond "Buttercream" Frosting.  Everyone really liked the chocolate cupcakes, but loved the frosting.  I got tons of complements from it!  My frosting was no where close to the fluffiness of Angela's, but luckily it was still delicious!

For the cupcakes:
Modifications: excluding the candy cane bits, did not make the accompanying frosting.

For the icing:
Modifications: made with a hand mixer rather than a stand mixer, which is probably the reason for the lack of fluff ;)

I also made Manifest Vegan's Vanilla Cupcakes, also with Fluffy Almond "Buttercream" Frosting.  Once again, everyone really liked the cupcakes, but loved the icing.  At first I was very hesitant to frost both cupcakes with one type of frosting, in case people didn't like it.  Luckily, it wasn't an issue ;)

For the cupcakes:
Modifications: excluded the strawberries, did not make accompanying frosting.

In case you need to catch up on my previous posts about Dayv's Vegan-versary Party: 
Part One
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Everyone have a great weekend!!


  1. The cupcakes look so good. :) Thanks for posting the links.

  2. well thank you, nose pierced beauty ;) and you are very welcome!


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