Two Pumpkin Pies

Friday, November 25, 2011

On Thanksgiving, Dayv and I spent the day with his family.  This is quite unusual, as holidays are just about always spent with my family(this is an unspoken rule between Dayv and I).  However, due to circumstances dealing with Dayv's sister, brother-in-law, and niece coming into town from states away, an exception was made.

One thing that concerned me a bit was that my brother largely depends on me to make the vegan fare on holidays(my brother is vegan as well).  Although I wasn't going to be spending Thanksgiving with him, it was very important to me that I make him a pumpkin pie.  For this occasion, I decided to try out Allyson's Bourbon Laced Pumpkin Pie.  Since I had a good amount of dough left over after laying it in the pie dish, I decided to make squirrel cut-outs for the top, rather than the crumble topping.  Overall, the pie was a bit time consuming, but my brother reported back that he loved it.  Between him and his non-vegan friend(who spent the holiday with my family), they polished off over 3/4ths of the pie during the evening.

I also made a pumpkin pie for Dayv, to bring along to his family's Thanksgiving get-together.  I decided to use my pie crust recipe for this one, but doubled it.  I used the left over dough to make gorilla and fox cut-outs(gotta represent the animals!).  I used Angela's Classic Pumpkin Pie Filling.  This pie was a hit with Dayv's family, who finished the entire pie within the day, and overlooked other gluten-filled non-vegan pies that were also on the table.  They kept saying, "I hope you didn't want to bring any pie home with you!"  I told them that nothing makes me happier than seeing non-gluten-free non-vegan people enjoying the food I make.

I hope everyone had a great holiday and were able to make some delicious vegan food that non-vegans loved ;)


  1. It's so nice to hear that the pies were such a hit! They certainly look great. The animal-shaped cut-outs are an adorable touch.

  2. Ooooh, I've been meaning to make Allyson's pie! I love that you put animal cut-outs on top.

    I made Isa and Terry's pumpkin un-cheesecake to take on Thanksgiving at my in-laws' home. It was very easy to make gluten free (I just made my own crust), but making it tofu- and nut-free has proven to be a minor challenge. As soon as I have it perfected, though, I'll release my adaptation into the ether!

    Meals with my in-laws are difficult -- they are very supportive of my veganism (much more so than my own family), however, they are sort of local celebrities for their now-closed bakery. My husband's grandmother and father are *amazing* in the kitchen, but definitely not vegan.

    The only time his family does not want to try vegan food is when it's a dessert! His grandmother is a very powerful matriarch and I don't think anyone wants to offend her. It doesn't help that she brings three or four pies . . . but once she leaves in the evening, the few people still hanging out always want to try my desserts, and I always get rave reviews. Maybe in a few years I'll be the new Queen of Desserts?

  3. I think that I am going to start up a new tradition where you have to make me this pie every year now :) Loving the animals cut-outs! xo

  4. windycityvegan- it's nice to hear that you also do desserts soy-free. i wish there was a cut and dry way to replace tofu in pie recipes, but there isn't. so frustrating!

    it's so nice to hear that your in-laws are so supportive. your husband's grandma sounds just like dayv's- she always inquires about the desserts i bring, but never tries them. luckily everyone else is eager to jump in and eat them ;)

    and i can't wait to see your gf sf nf pie recipes ;)

  5. cara- sounds like a great tradition! i'm all for it ;) come to philly and i'll make you something special, with animal cut-outs on top, of course ;)

  6. Done and done!! Woo-hoo, that was easier in convincing you than I thought :) hehe


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