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Monday, December 16, 2013

The weather around here has been pretty ridiculous lately.  Last week, we had two snow storms within three days.  On Saturday, the meteorologists predicted 4-6" of snow, followed by sleet, and then ice.  Dayv and I canceled our plans for the day, I went food shopping on Friday night, and we hunkered down, expecting to be pummeled by snow starting around 7am.  Instead, snow didn't begin falling until late afternoon.  Only a couple of inches accumulated before it turned to freezing rain, which hit our house and ground hard, creating a layer of ice everywhere it landed.

On Sunday, I headed outside around 9, to shovel our sidewalk, walkway, and driveway.  Usually, I don't mind shoveling, but this time it was horrible.  It was like shoveling a sheet of glass.  But, I kept at it and was able to clear almost everything after an hour and 15 minutes.  I'm hoping for a little respite before another storm, and hopefully no more ice.

Happy Monday!


  1. I have a feeling that this is going to be a crazy winter.

  2. it sure does look pretty. i remember we got a few inches of snow one winter in seattle and then there was a little sleet/ice. When chewie would walk on the snow, it would take half a second to bread the top ice layer from his weight and then his foot would go down in the snow, unlike just snow where his foot would just go through immediately. he was very irritated about walking that day. :)

  3. While I've been kinda (and only kinda) jealous of all the snowy pics from folks just a little further north of me, I'm super not jealous of the freezing rain. Sad hat. :( Everything does look pretty though!

  4. I love snow but I fear ice. My biggest fear is slipping and breaking my wrist. Again.
    Ice also means I cannot run as I'd like, though I've recently bought traction devices and would love to try them!

  5. It does look gorgeous even if it's a pain. I imagine it would be lovely to have a white Christmas instead of the rainy one which is predicted here, but I can't deal with the cold so I guess I should be thankful!


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