Sushi Lunch Celebration

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

On the last day of 6th grade, I wrote in Kim's yearbook, "Hey Kim!  Call me!"  She did, two hours later.  We went to the mall, walked around for several hours, and have been friends ever since.  Oh, the magic and simplicity of childhood.

After 16 years of friendship, of course many things have changed.  Kim doesn't live five minutes away from me anymore.  We don't spend eight hours a week at the mall.  And we don't subsist on diets of mushroom cheese pizza, Chinese shrimp and broccoli, cheese sandwiches, and chips with French onion dip.

But, we still do one very special thing.  Ever since Kim turned 13, her father has taken the two of us out to dinner for her birthday.  We refer to it as "Kim's birthday dinner with her two best friends," because that is what her ex-boyfriend from high school called it when he was obviously jealous from not being invited.  It's incredibly special and I'm so happy that, after 16 years, it's still just as important to all three of us.  This year, we mixed things up a bit and had a birthday lunch instead.  It was so fun and felt as if no time had passed.  I loved every second of it.

We ate at a local Japanese restaurant that recently changed ownership, replacing another Japanese restaurant we had frequently dined at and loved.  Luckily, the change was for the better, as everything was well prepared and delicious.  My green tea tasted fresh and authentic, and my edamame was perfectly tender and salted.  I also got three rolls- an avocado roll, oshinko roll, and salad roll.  Oshinko rolls are always hit or miss with me, but this one did not disappoint.  Also, my salad roll filled with oshinko, avocado, seaweed, carrot, and pickled squash was huge and the best vegan sushi I have ever had.  Lastly, I really appreciated that our server acknowledged my request for extra wasabi (which is always ignored at other restaurants), and brought me a small plate with two extra helpings, which I quickly consumed.  If you are ever in the Philadelphia/Montgomery/Bucks County area, I highly recommend it!

To-Yo Japanese Restaurant | Doylestown, PA


  1. It is so wonderful that you have been friends for 16 years! Happy Birthday Kim!

  2. What a sweet story! My best friend and I are also still close today because of one random phone call when we were kids. I love it that all of you still get together every year on Kim's birthday. That's a really special tradition.

  3. Adorable! A gorgeous sushi meal sounds like the perfect birthday celebration to me.
    Happy Birthday Kim!


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