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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Transatlantic is a band I have known about ever since the day Dayv and I first met.  He was explaining to me Progressive Rock, his favorite type of music, and attempting to give me examples of bands.  "Transatlantic, Dream Theater, Spock's Beard..."  I just stared at him, blankly.   However, I quickly learned about all of these bands, their complex time signatures, and 30-45 minute long songs.  They were intriguing, interesting to listen to, with incredible lyrics and harmonies. 
Although we have seen Dream Theater and a couple other Prog Rock bands in concert, Transatlantic was never one of them.  To begin with, Prog Rock is much more popular in Europe, so bands typically spend the majority of their time playing over there, and reserve >5 shows for the United States.  Additionally, Transatlantic is a super-group, meaning that the members are actually full-time members of other bands, and only get together once every five or 10 years to write an album and tour.  Although Dayv had seen various members of Transatlantic via concerts with their other bands, the particular group alluded him, only touring in 2000/2001, before he was aware of them.  He wanted so badly to see them, and hoped they would eventually tour again.

About four years ago, Transatlantic was in Philadelphia two weeks after our wedding.  Dayv was so excited and looked forward to it more than our wedding.  However, we got "stuck" on our honeymoon for an additional week because of the Icelandic volcano, and were not home in time for the concert.  Dayv was completely crushed, convinced that they would never go on tour again.  It was a once in a lifetime opportunity that we missed, and it took him a year to recover.

As luck would have it, Transatlantic wrote another album in 2013 and began touring.  A few weeks before Christmas, my co-worker casually mentioned to me that they were going to be in the area at a venue literally 10 minutes away.  I emailed Dayv immediately, who was somehow unaware of this tour, and he bought tickets as soon as they were available.  Finally, we would get to see Transatlantic.

Saturday was the night of the concert, and it was beyond amazing.  Although I am not familiar with most of their music (except for songs Dayv put on mixtape for me in 2004), I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It is nearly impossible to not enjoy a band that is so talented.  While Dayv sang along to every word, I closed my eyes and went into a meditative state.  The scent in the air was a mix of various colognes and mint gum, due to the majority of the crowd being male.  The three hours flew by (yes, they played for three hours with no opening band or intermission), and we went on our merry way, with Dayv finally seeing his favorite band in concert.  It was a great night and I am so happy to have shared that moment with him.

If you want to listen to a very pretty, not 30 minute long song, that Dayv put on a mix tape for me in 2004, listen here

Keswick Theater | Glenside, PA


  1. It sounds like it was really special evening for the both of you. All the more so for all that anticipation!
    "progressive rock" made me think of something heavy and hard core but I just listened to the song you linked and it was rather lovely!

  2. Jason was really into Tool when we first met and had on two occasions had tickets to a Tool concerts then somehow was unable to go. Then a few years ago they were playing five minutes from our house. I surprised him with fix for his birthday. Wasn't quite as magical as your night though - we were very awkwardly out of place with far too few piercings, not enough black clothing, and probably a decade too old. Anyway glad your date night was special and that day finally got to see his band.

  3. What a fun date night! I am so glad that you and dayv finally got the chance to see them.

  4. It's so nice that you trust and respect Dayv so much that everything he loves, you try to love too. I'm so glad you had a good time!


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