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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

On Friday, Dayv and I had a magical date night.  We had a dinner reservation at Vedge and tickets to see The Book of Mormon (one of my Christmas presents).  It was the ultimate combination of all the things we love and enjoy most in life- amazingly prepared vegan food, clever and hilarious comedy, musicals, and skepticism.  In one word, it was perfect.

Dinner at Vedge was amazing, as usual.  This is what we ordered:

For the table | U-peel lupini beans, Green olives with fennel and preserved lemon, Zucchini "verde caliente" pickles
The Vedge bar | Smoked carrots with white bean puree (x2)
From the kitchen | Fresh hearts of palm with saffron and baby corn succotash, Braciole of smoked eggplant and cauliflower, italian salsa verde, and cured olive puree
The dirt list | Fingerling fries, Brussels sprouts
Dessert | Trio of ice creams (dark chocolate, peanut butter and jelly)

My favorite dishes were: u-peel lupini beans and green olives (both perfectly spicy and I never peel the beans), the braciole (I had no idea what I was eating but it was so good), and the brussels sprouts (they should make this into a gigantic salad, in my opinion).

Dayv's favorite dishes were: the smoked carrots (which he said reminded him of hot dogs!), the fingerling fries (always on his must-have list), and the ice creams.  According to Dayv, the chocolate ice cream was the best ice cream he's ever eaten in his entire life.  That's quite the statement!  I asked the waiter about the ice cream base and it's made from soy milk.

Towards the end of the dinner, Dayv pointed out the fact that we were the first to arrive, yet the two tables on either side of us were done dinner and left before I was finished eating.  I got a little irritated and said, "I'm sorry.  I just really want to enjoy my $100 dinner."  He responded, "No, it's ok.  I like that you eat slow.  You eat like a dainty little lady."  I thought it was one of the cutest things he's ever said.  He also pointed Rich out to me.  I still have to get my picture taken with him.

After our dinner was over, Dayv and I walked our full bellies over to the Forrest Theater and greatly enjoyed The Book of Mormon.  We actually saw the show a couple of years ago on Broadway.  I was curious how my opinion of the show would change with time and after listening to the soundtrack a countless number of times.  It was just as amazing, if not better, than when we saw it originally.  I've seen many Broadway shows and I can confidently say this one is my favorite.  Everything- from the plot, to the music, to the characters, is all brilliant.  Add to the fact that Robert Lopez co-wrote the music (who also wrote the music for Avenue Q and Frozen!), and you know it's just a complete masterpiece.

Vedge Restaurant | Philadelphia
The Forrest Theater | Philadelphia


  1. Haha, eating like a dainty little lady :) I did the same thing last night--outlasted at least two tables. I love doing it, makes me feel more Continental or something.

    The dinner looks so good! And I've always wanted to see Book of Mormon, I bet it was hilarious!

  2. oh yeah, no one rushes my food. whats the use of scarfing the food down without appreciating all the delicate flavors and textures. esp in a restaurant like that :) its a different thing when its a regular burger from the every weekend lunch place or something :)

  3. It sounds like you had a great night! I really want to see Book of Mormon now!

  4. Ahhh I want to eat here so bad, especially since it's like 10 minutes from me!

  5. SO envious of your dinner at Vedge! I don't think I have ever looked dainty while eating. It's not that I don't enjoy things... I just savour them quickly. Especially since having Woodrow I eat even more quickly because I know he'll pull me away from my meal at a moment's notice! :)

  6. YAAAAAAAAAY! We love dining at Vedge and went there twice during our 2nd visit! It was amaaaaazing, and these dishes look absolutely stunning! I want to try the Fresh Hearts of Palm & Trio of Ice Creams (ahhhh).


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