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Thursday, August 7, 2014

During my never ending quest to decorate my home, I began searching out the perfect throw pillows.  Every website I went to had nothing I was interested in.  Everything was either too bland and boring or over the top with bright, primary colors and geometric shapes (which we all know is one of my least favorite things).  Then, one day when I was perusing my friend Lora's secret blog (that she keeps just for me about her life in Boston) I noticed the most gorgeous pillows on her sister's couch.  After asking the obvious, I was lead to the website of Caitlin Wilson, a textile designer that creates very feminine, elegant, and simple designs inspired by her travels around the world.  Immediately, I was obsessed.

There are so many things I love about Caitlin Wilson Textiles.  From the colors she uses, to the designs she creates, her fabrics are statement pieces without being loud or obnoxious.  They pull a room together and create beauty and comfort.  I found myself visiting the website every day, several times a day, for weeks at a time, just to look at all of the prints.  They are soothing to me.

Unfortunately, Caitlin Wilson Textiles are also extremely expensive.  She does have sales every couple of months for 10-20% off, but it's still a heavy price tag.  I purchased a few yards of her mustard fleur chinoise fabric a couple months ago to make a shower curtain for my bathroom (which I am in the end process of redecorating).  Although it's an extremely pricey shower curtain, it's the one statement piece in an otherwise understated room.  I dream of having a living room full of Caitlin Wilson pillows in a variety of sizes and prints.  And even though Dayv is completely against 1. throw pillows in general and 2. paying an exorbitant amount on throw pillows, it's happening.  I simply need them.

Caitlin Wilson's website
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  1. I love Caitlin Wilson's patterns and I can't wait to see your new shower curtain. I have to admit her stuff is on the expensive side. It took my sister a few years to get all of her pillows.

  2. And she has the same name as you! :)

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