Ellovi lip butter collection | Review

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ellovi lip butter collection | Review
I believe myself to be a bit of a lip butter connoisseur. I have lip butters strategically placed in every room of my house and frequently apply them throughout the day. I'm picky and very opinionated on which are the best. And Ellovi is one of the best.

Ellovi makes the most amazing six-ingredient body butters that have translated seamlessly into lip butters. The formula is firm but creamy, super hydrating, and rich. Having an Ellovi lip butter is your best defense against the harsh dry winter climate since it is so nourishing. And what could be better than one Ellovi lip butter? Four Ellovi lip butters!

Ellovi recently released their lip butter collection, which contains four of their most popular varieties held in a super sleek black tin.

Tinted | Light pink in color and lightly smells of cocoa.

Blossom | Ideal for individuals that love the scents of chamomile and citrus.

Vanilla | Classic, warm, comforting, and universal.

Original | Unscented and perfect for a lip base before applying lipstick.

I absolutely love the packaging and look of this collection. The selection appeals to a wide variety of individuals and is also perfect for gifting. My only wish is that it contained the mint chocolate scent, as I have been dying to try it (I received a sample size of the mint chocolate body butter in a Petit Vour box many months ago and have been wanting full size versions of both ever since). For $18, you will never find a classier lip butter set.

Are you obsessed with lip butter? What brands are your favorite?


  1. I place one lip butter in my purse and one lip butter in my book bag for when I am in school. Honestly, I could probably do with a few more. I love the sound of the mint chocolate body butter, I wish they made that flavor in a lip butter.

    1. they totally make it in a lip butter! it's just not included in this little collection ;)

  2. I have to agree, Ellovi is the best lip balm brand I've tried. I have the vanilla and tinted, and I am not a huge fan of the tinted, but still use it.


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