LaRitzy February box | Review

Thursday, March 3, 2016

LaRitzy February box | Review
I swear, LaRitzy continues to impress me more and more as each month passes. February's box totally hit it out of the park and I am absolutely loving every product included. They really work their magic with curation and I am truly blown away.

LaRitzy February box | Review

My LaRitzy box included...

Lovefresh moroccan rose deodorant | Over the past six months, I have developed a slight obsession with rose-infused products. I have grown to love all rose products- eye and facial oil, face wash and scrub, makeup, etc., so it comes as no surprise that this deodorant made me squeal with joy. The scent is light and fresh, and works perfect for my underarms (full disclosure: I naturally do not sweat much and don't really have an issue with needing to cover up body odor). I absolutely love that it comes in stick form, as most other natural deodorants are either liquid or in tubs. Also, it goes (almost) without saying that it is aluminum-free, an absolutely must for me when it comes to deodorant (and all things?). This product has taken me to the next level with my love for rose. If you have any suggestions for an amazing vegan, cruelty-free rose perfume, please let me know.

Doe Beauty hair pact in bora bora | Hair masks have become the new beauty crazy and I, for one, am onboard. This hair mask is super creamy and does an amazing job at hydrating the hair. Its fresh coconut-lemon scent is absolutely incredible and made my mouth water when I was applying it. I was half tempted to squeeze a little in my mouth. Even though it says on the package that it contains approximately four portions for individuals with shoulder length hair, I used about 75% of the pouch on my long, thick hair in one application. Make sure you do a really thorough job of washing your hair afterwards (and perhaps employ "rinse and repeat" technique).

Palmetto Derma antioxidant face mask | I love this face mask for several reasons. #1 it is a rich cream rather than a powder you have to mix, #2 it is not the color of dark clay, but instead an off white color, and #3 it contains hyaluronic acid, which is an amazing ingredient to hydrate the skin. Do I love this facial mask? Answer: Yes.

Lather cucumber milk facial cleanser | Just as I was running out of facial cleanser, this baby arrived. It smells like fresh cucumber, has a lovely milky texture, and leaves the skin feeling refreshed. I am excited to bring this along with me when I travel next week.

I cannot find enough laudatory words for LaRitzy. Every box is phenomenal in curation, featuring at least four high-quality full sized products. For only $24.99 a month, your investment converts to much more. For instance, this box is worth $111. I am simply blown away.

You can order your LaRitzy box here.

Disclaimer: I was given this product to review, but all of the thoughts and opinions expressed are completely my own. 


  1. Hi! I noticed you mentioned you were looking for a rose perfume! I received a sample of the Damask Rose perfume from Harvey Prince with another purchase I made, and I absolutely love it! Just thought I'd mention it, since it can be so difficult to find natural perfumes:


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