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Monday, December 11, 2017

"There are no ugly women, only lazy ones."- Helena Rubinstein

Twice a year, the sisterhood at my mom's synagogue hosts a women's bus trip to New York. The trip includes a Broadway show matinee, which is chosen far in advance to take advantage of group rates. The bus leaves promptly at 8:30 am and we arrive in New York around 11/11:30, in time to grab an early lunch before the show. 

Bombay Sandwich Co. | Bombay Sandwich Co. is a little "cafe" located about 10 minutes from Broadway theaters. It's a great place to grab a quick lunch and go, and is specifically wonderful for individuals following a plant based diet. Their menu is largely vegan with many items that are also gluten free. I really loved the simple, Eastern inspired, minimal decor.

I ordered the chana masala bowl, which was a bowl of brown rice, chana masala, some cucumber tomato salad, and a few small servings of accompaniments. My mom ordered the mozzarella tomato sandwich, lentil soup, and lemonade. Overall, we were very happy with the quality of the meals, and everything tasted very good. 

There were several issues I had with Bombay Sandwich Co. First, there is no bathroom. After ordering, I was directed to try the Starbucks (one on both ends of the block). The first one didn't have a bathroom and the second one you had to first order something before getting the number key to the bathroom door. Then, I went into the Macy's across the street where I had to go to the bottom floor and walk about a 1/4 of a mile back into the store before getting to the bathroom. I was gone 20+ minutes. Second, the serving size was really small. When I asked how big the bowl servings were, the cashier showed me an empty bowl, which would be a decently large amount of food if it was actually filled. However, I don't think that is a very good gauge of a serving size when the bowl is barely filled. Third, the menu is a bit deceiving, because it says that every platter comes with a salad and several condiments. But, they are just tiny little servings on top of the bowl. One of the little servings was apple garlic pickles, which were incredible. I actually went up to the counter and asked for more and was given a tiny plastic condiment container with an additional small amount. I ended up eating my mom's lentil soup because I was still really hungry.

I would go back because the food is so good, but would have to order a soup, salad, and bowl to actually get full. I would also visit a restroom first.


War Paint | War Paint is a musical based off the career rivalry of cosmetic moguls and pioneers Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubinstein. I have always been familiar with the Elzabeth Arden brand, but had never heard of Helena Rubinstein before. Arden was played by Christine Ebersole (anyone else a My Girl 2 fan?) and Rubinstein was played by Patti LuPone. 

The story itself is easy to follow and very interesting. I really appreciated that within the PlayBill there was a page dedicated to the true story of this rivalry. I was more familiar with Arden before the show started, but was more interested in Rubenstein's storyline. As a Polish-Jewish immigrant, I really admired her climb to the top of the cosmetic industry, resilience, and sass. At one point in the show, she was told that she could not rent space in a building because she was Jewish, so her solution was purchasing the entire building. I loved that.

Although War Paint is a musical, I don't think it adds to the show's storyline. There are no stand out numbers or memorable songs. However, I am very interested in the story and want to watch the documentary film, The Powder and the Glory, from which this musical was based.



  1. Gotta LOVE the phrase 'largely vegan' - YAY! Sounds like a great place!


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