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Monday, October 1, 2018

"It's not the appearance, it's the essence. It's not the money, it's the education. It's not the clothes, it's the class."- Coco Chanel

At the end of July, I visited Las Vegas for the second time. Even though I do not drink, smoke, go clubbing, gamble, etc., I really love Las Vegas.

First of all, I'm a summer baby and am most comfortable in warm weather. The combination of the heat and no humidity in Las Vegas is very perfect for me.

Secondly, I love bright, colorful lights and architecture, and find Las Vegas really beautiful at night.

Third, the food.

Check out below for what I did, ate, and where I stayed.


Las Vegas Strip | The bright lights and ornate architecture make Las Vegas quite magical at night. The warm, non-humid weather is perfect for walking the strip at night. There are so many visually appealing buildings, fountains, escalators, and other pieces of architecture to see at every turn. My work colleague understands and appeases my love of the bright lights and walked to and from dinner with me both nights.


Cafe Belle Madeleine | When I'm traveling for work, the last thing I want to do is go on a scavenger hunt for breakfast every morning. Since I always travel with Larabars, I keep it really easy and simple by only needing fruit, coffee, and, of course, water, to supplement my morning meal. Luckily Paris Hotel (where we stayed) had a cute little bakery on the ground floor called Cafe Belle Madeleine. I really loved their fruit cup which, in addition to the standard watermelon and cantaloupe, also contained blackberries and blueberries. I found it very satisfying. However, on both mornings, I was unable to get a large coffee because they had run out of the large cups and instead had to get a medium. On the first morning, in my half asleep haze when I was told, "We're only serving medium sized coffee," I responded with, "I don't know what that means." 


Sushi Samba | I have been looking forward to going back to Sushi Samba ever since my colleague and I went last year. The sushi at this place is incredible. I love the low lighting and ambiance. Even the bathroom is super dark, which is a little disconcerting, but it works.

For my appetizer, I ordered the steamed edamame, which is a staple for me anytime I go to a Japanese restaurant. It's difficult to mess up edamame and, truth be told, tastes the same no matter where it is ordered. The green tea, however, is definitely noteworthy. It is frothy, super green, and delicious. For my main course, I ordered an avocado roll and two Amazonia rolls which contain collard greens, portobello mushroom, takuwan, cucumber, and avocado. I told our waiter that I was gluten-free and confirmed that the Amazonia is topped with a wasabi-onion soy sauce, which contains gluten, but can be made without the sauce. 

When I was presented with my rolls, it was obvious that the soy sauce was drizzled on top. I called the waiter over and asked him about it, but he assured me that they were gluten-free. In my normal skeptical fashion, I didn't trust him, and started eating the avocado rolls. Sure enough, about a minute later, he came back to our table and took away my Amazonia rolls saying there had been a mistake. I waited for about 15+ minutes for my new, gluten-free rolls to be served. My colleague was very irritated and said I should complain. Once my new rolls arrived, I ate them quickly because I was so hungry and could not savor them as much as I had the previous year. However, they were very delicious and I still considered them to be the best sushi I ever had... until the following night.


Andrea's at The Encore | Andrea's at Encore stole the show. My colleague and I had made reservations based solely on the fact that all restaurants at the Wynn and Encore have a special vegan menu. We had no idea that it would be so fancy!

I ordered the edamame with truffle salt. Honestly, I could not taste the truffle salt, and my colleague, who considers herself a great lover of truffle salt, could not taste it either. It was still delicious. Once my main course of two vegetable rolls and one avocado + asparagus roll arrived, I was in vegan sushi heaven. Not only was the presentation gorgeous, but the sushi was absolutely delicious. The vegetables were super fresh, I almost felt like I was eating a fresh salad in sushi form. After I finished my rolls, I ordered another vegetable roll as my "dessert" while my colleague had actual dessert.

Not only was the food incredible, but the service was the most on point that I have ever experienced. We received such attentive service, from our water being refilled, to an individual solely in charge of leading diners to the restroom. Along with the overall simplistic elegance, beauty, and cleanliness of the restaurant, this was the highlight of our trip and the best dining experience of my life.



Paris Hotel | My colleague is a Francophile and booked our stay at the Paris Hotel. We had stayed at another casino the year before and found it dated, not super clean, and overwhelmingly smelling of smoke. This year, we decided that it was important to stay at a hotel that was superior to the previous year's experience. The Paris Hotel did not disappoint. The ground floor is decorated as a Paris cafe and is lovely to walk though. All of the rooms are beautifully decorated and super clean. We both loved the French ambiance and overall decor. My colleague and I also spent some time in the hotel's shops, and she may or may not have spent $115 on a sweatshirt and $50 on an outfit for her infant daughter. YOLO. Paris is definitely our go-to hotel for next year.



  1. Like you, I do not drink or get wild however, I really like Las Vegas too! My favorite thing to do is to see a show, especially cirque du soleil. I have seen O and Ka, and both were fantastic!


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